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Yuri Foreman After the Pacquiao fight, Cotto moved to the light middleweight division. Cotto stated that he would consider a return to the welterweight division, in case of an interesting fight.

Mayorga[ edit ] Main article: Miguel Cotto vs. Throughout the fight, Mayorga looked to engage, however the discipline on Cotto played a big part in the win, saving his big shots for the final round.

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A left hook ended, which dropped Mayorga ended the bout. At the time of stoppage, Cotto was ahead by five points on all three judges' scorecards. With the win, Cotto's record for world title fights improved to In the post-fight, Cotto explained how he won the fight, "The game plan was not to get caught up in any of his antics.

He was very heavy handed, I felt his punches the whole fight.

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  3. Большой Блок явился в нашу комнату и объявил, что Галилей будет переведен в другую часть космического корабля.

The fight was set to take place at Madison Square Garden on December 3, The MGM Grand was also considered as a possible venue. The reason for the denial was not due to the cheating allegations, but instead due to the damage to Margarito's eye in the Manny Pacquiao fight.

An appeal was filed and a hearing took place to where several leading eye doctors testified that Margarito should be allowed to fight.

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  • Большая часть заданных ему родственниками вопросов относилась к тому, что именно видели они с Максом на движущейся картинке.

A final decision was expected on November 18, Without a license, Margarito could not fight in the state of New York. Arum initially stated that if Margarito was not licensed to fight, then Vanes Martirosyan would take his place 1800 zsírvesztés the card.

However, Arum later stated that the fight would be moved to a venue in a state that Margarito holds a license. Instead, they ordered Margarito to be examined by their own doctor. Based on the findings of their own doctor, they would make a decision on típusú fogyás kihívások Margarito received a license.

Cotto avenged the defeat from stopping Margarito in the 10th round. Fogyókúrás tábor fresno fight was stopped at the start of the 10th round because of the condition of Fogyókúrás tábor fresno right eye, which was swollen shut.

This was the same eye that was badly damaged in his fight with Pacquiao and the one that almost kept the New York State Athletic Commission from granting him his boxing license because of the special procedure that was performed on it in At the time of stoppage, Cotto lead 89—82 on all three judges' scorecards.

Mayweather Jr. The fight started off with Cotto establishing himself as the fight's aggressor, but with Mayweather winning the first two rounds using effective counter-punching and body movement to block most of Cotto's punches.

However, in the fogyókúrás tábor fresno round Cotto seemed to successfully swarm Mayweather and land decent flurries to steal himself the round. Then from rounds the action was closely contested, with both fighters using their partially contrasting styles in attempts to one-up the other.

Miguel Cotto

Ultimately though, Mayweather managed to adjust to Cotto's new rhythm of attacking in flurries and used his now-newly tweaked counter-punching style to win a lot of the final rounds, in what people thought had secured Mayweather the decision victory. Cotto had Mayweather against the ropes many times, resulting in some damage and a lot of bleeding from Mayweather's nose.

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Cotto's eyes had some partial swelling. Mayweather won via unanimous decision with scores of —, —, and — The crowd booed loudly when the scores were read out. I'm happy with my fight and performance and so is my family. I can't ask for anything else.

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Trout started the fight off fast, using his quick combinations to continually get his punches off first against Cotto. Trout also used his superior footwork to evade most of Cotto's punches, and was able to out muscle Cotto off the ropes when he was cornered in the fight. During the middle rounds, Cotto found success trapping Trout on the ropes and keeping him there, ripping Trout with body shots and finding the range with his left hook.

Trout regained control in the later rounds, even backing Cotto up later in the fight, and stunned Cotto several times down the stretch with his straight left hand. Trout won the fight by a wide unanimous decision, giving him the biggest win of his career thus far.

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The judges' scores were —, —, and — After the fight, Trout called out fellow light middleweight champion Canelo Álvarez. It would mark the first time Cotto would fight under the Top Rank banner since his contract expired in December The bout was scheduled for October 5 with the venue likely being in Florida.

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Cotto looked like the Cotto fogyókúrás tábor fresno old, by displaying an aggressive style early on in the fight and landing powerful body shots. One punch in his arsenal that was brought back to life, was the vicious left hook which he was known for in his days of dominance in the zara noor fogyás welterweight and welterweight divisions.

The second round saw Cotto landing body shots at will and with less than 10 seconds left in the round he staggered Rodríguez with a sharp left hook. In the beginning of the third round, with Rodríguez still feeling the effects of the left hook at the end of round two, Cotto forced Rodríguez in to the ropes landed a left hook to the temple, followed by flurry of punches which knocked Rodríguez onto the canvas.

The referee then stopped the fight and gave Cotto a third-round TKO victory. Fogyókúrás tábor fresno attendance was announced 21, at the Garden. At the time of stoppage, all three judges had the fight 90—77 for Cotto. With the win, Cotto became the first Puerto Rican boxer to win world titles in four different weight classes.

Öt kérdésre nyolc-nyolc válasz, melyekben az előttünk álló nagy eseményről, az áprilisi játékosbörzéről értekezünk. Erre pedig az egyre passz orientáltabb NFL-ben nagy szüksége lehet az őt választó csapatnak.

This was considered a disappointment as HBO projected the fight would do around abuyrate. Bob Arum, Cotto's promoter stated the reason for a downfall in PPV buys was simply because there was too many of them. Martinez's promoter Lou DiBella added that there was a lot events that same weekend, which would have impact on the boxing event. In April they announced that Cotto would be making his first defence of his titles, after winning them nearly a year ago, against 34 year old former unified middleweight champion Daniel Geale16 KOs on June 6,at the Barclays Center in New York.

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Cotto stated if he wanted the fight, he would need to accept a catch weight of pounds. On fight night, Geale stepped on the HBO scales and weighed pounds. After three one-sided rounds, Cotto knocked Geale down twice in the fourth round to retain his world titles. After the second knockdown, referee Harvey Dock asked Geale if he wanted to continue, in which Geale replied 'No', prompting Dock to wave off the fight at into round 4.

Gennady Golovkin was in attendance. In the post fight interview, Cotto said Canelo is next and if Golovkin is available after that, he would fight him. The fight was a success on HBO averaging 1. Alvarez[ edit ] Main article: Miguel Cotto vs.

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The fight was close throughout as both boxers were cautious in their attacks, neither fighter was seriously hurt. As Cotto attacked with a jab the whole fight, and didn't sit down on his punches, instead deciding to employ movement.

Álvarez responded with power punches, landing especially to fogyókúrás tábor fresno body. Both fighters showed iron chins, with Cotto repeatedly coming back after hard shots to the head. The scorecards at the end of the night were highly controversial as they did not show the competitiveness of the fight, with many boxing pundits having Álvarez winning by a round or two, others called it a draw.

The official judges' scorecards read —, —, and — for Álvarez. There was a fraction of the boxing world that felt Cotto won by both a small margin, while others felt he won decisively.


Cotto left immediately after hearing the scorecards, with his team and family. Cotto later told reporters in Puerto Rico that he felt he won.

Cotto then stated publicly that the reason the WBC stripped him of his title was because he refused to pay their sanctioning fees, which he believed to be excessive. The main issue between both camps being the weight issue with Marquez looking to fight at no more than lbs and Cotto looking to fight at lb catchweight. Cotto still planning to return to the ring in December.

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