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Refeeding syndrome

Refeeding syndrome usually occurs within four days of starting to re-feed. Patients can develop fluid and electrolyte imbalanceespecially hypophosphatemiaalong with neurologic, pulmonary, cardiac, neuromuscular, and hematologic complications.

The spleen decreases its rate of red blood cell breakdown thus conserving red blood cells. Many intracellular minerals become severely depleted during this period, although serum levels remain normal.

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Importantly, insulin secretion is suppressed in this fasting state, and glucagon secretion is increased. Refeeding increases the basal metabolic rate.

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Újratáplálás fogyás után process requires phosphatesmagnesium and potassium which are already depleted, and the stores rapidly become used up. Formation of phosphorylated carbohydrate compounds in the liver and skeletal muscle depletes intracellular ATP and veszteség zsír arány in red blood cellsleading to cellular dysfunction and inadequate oxygen delivery to the body's organs.

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Intracellular movement of electrolytes occurs along with a fall in the serum electrolytes, including phosphorus and magnesium. Levels of serum glucose may rise, and B1 vitamin thiamine may fall. Abnormal heart rhythms are the most common cause of death from refeeding syndrome, with other significant risks including confusion, coma and convulsions and cardiac failure.

The shifting of electrolytes and fluid balance increases cardiac workload and heart rate. This can lead to acute heart failure.

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Oxygen consumption is increased which strains the respiratory system and can make weaning from ventilation more difficult. An awareness of the condition and a high index of suspicion are required in order to make the diagnosis.

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The electrolyte disturbances of the refeeding syndrome can occur within the first few days of refeeding. Close monitoring of blood biochemistry is therefore necessary in the early refeeding period.

Treatment[ edit ] In critically ill patients admitted to an intensive care unitif phosphate drops to below 0. Blood biochemistry should be monitored regularly until it is stable.

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Although clinical trials are lacking in patients other than those admitted to an intensive care, it is commonly recommended that energy intake should remain lower than that normally required for the first 3—5 days of treatment of refeeding syndrome for all patients.

He described the death of those who overindulged in food after famine, whereas those who ate at a more restrained pace survived. It is újratáplálás fogyás után to ascertain when the syndrome was first discovered and named, but it is likely the associated electrolyte disturbances were identified perhaps in Hollandthe Netherands during the closing months of World War II, before Victory in Europe Day.

Nem csoda, ha a többség nem képes eligazodni a diétás útvesztőben, és ez akkor még csak egy feladvány a sok közül — mert hol van még az edzés és más, az életmóddal kapcsolatos területen tapasztalható zavar? Ezen kívánok most segíteni. A diétás területen alapvetően ez a három iskola található meg: Mennyit, Mit, Mikor Mennyit Ide tartoznak a kalória be-kalória ki képviselők, akik szerint alapvetően teljesen mindegy mit és mikor eszel, míg a napi szükségletednek megfelelő mennyiséget eszel. Ha fogyni akarsz, akkor egyél kevesebbet, mozogj többet, és általában egyél gyakran. Mit Ide tartozik minden módszer, vallás, életstílus, amely elsődlegesen arról beszél, mit egyél vagy mit ne egyél.